About Chloe.

Hello I'm Chloe, lover of salted caramel candles, collector of lavender and a fan of Hayao Miyazaki films, and because I adore love stories, I've made it my business to record your happy memories for you!

My work is about capturing moments between people, holding a certain feeling that is forever remembered through the photograph. I love the use of natural light and how it evokes a feeling of happiness. My style is very laid back and non-intrusive, this is your time, not mine! I am simply there to capture it all as it happens naturally.

I love spending that time behind the lens, painting a portrait of a person or family, discovering their inner story that makes them who they are.I

I am based in Melbourne and have worked with The White Tree, Raspberry Robot, Bek Smith Photography, It's Beautiful Here and have been featured in Ivory Tribe and Polka Dot Bride.

I specialise in weddings, family portraits and events.

If you feel like saying hi, please feel free to email me at info@hellochloemay.com

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